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Dr. Darrell Lomonaco

Lomonaco Family Chiropractic Darrell Lomonaco, DC

Darrell Lomonaco, Jeanette Wilkinson, Suzanna Nichols

Safe Holistic Health Care For The Whole Family

Used on thousands of patients with amazing success, our office utilizes a non-force adjusting technique call Omni Therapeutic which is gentle, comfortable & highly effective. In addition, Dr. Lomonaco uses Applied Kinesiology, Total Body Modification, EFT, TAT, Logan Basic, acupressure, Webster Technique, CST (among others), affording an efficient head to toe check each visit.

Wellness Mindset/Lifestyle Focus

Healing is possible. We offer hope, solutions and attainable answers.

Whole food-based nutrition - just as nature intended.

Support your well-being with all of your favorite Standard Process supplements.

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